Creativity180 or C180 is a digital marketing agency. Since 2014, we have helped brands grow their presence and build communities. We’ve become the digital PR and consultant brands on how to advertise and embarked on social media marketing from the known to the unknown.

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Through our social media marketing and digital adverts, we can help you reach new heights on engagement, reputation and marketing your brand on a digital level.

We have what every business needs: The Digital Brand Experience.


To simplify, below are our services:

Marketing consultation

Social media management

Social media auditing

Digital branding

Print and digital advertising

Marketing and sales funnel



Website development

Landing pages

Email marketing

Digital ads management

PPC advertising


Data Analysis

We sit down with you and understand what your brand needs. We figure out your most suitable social media platforms and a plan to grow your brand. Whether it’s to boost sales or just brand awareness, you’ll see the results of our work. Watch your brand reach the next level. Watch your brand grow.